Calvary Church Council Members

237-5863         Dennis Aanenson, President
317-442-8145  Mark Harmon, President Elect

237-2250         Joel Vorhes, Past President

732-8836         Laura Kujawa, Financial Sec.

699-3962         Glenn Anderson, Caring & Outreach

237-3438         Sara Tate, Family Ministry

564-5002        Harry Wenner, Finance

573-2207         Linda Becker, Learning

652-3197         Wayne Johnson, Resource
251-2921          John Cook, Worship

573-6789         Sheryl Kosel, Youth

651-206-3673 Wayne Pearson, Treasurer

612-715-2541   Jamie Linkowitz, Family Ministry
218-301-6964  Kristi York, Secretary

Council & Committee Positions Open:

TERM 2018-2020 President
TERM 2018-2020 Family Ministry Core Chair
TERM 2018-2020 Resource Core Chair
TERM 2018-2020 Learning Core Chair
TERM 2018-2019 Bethel Cemetery Board (2 positions open)
TERM 2018-2019 Nominating Committee Board (3 positions open)
TERM 2018-2020 Mission Expansion Committee Board (2 positions open)
If you would like to serve Calvary in one of these positions, please call the office 732-7284.
Election held at Annual Meeting in January.