Caring & Outreach 

“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”-Matthew 25:40


The Caring & Outreach Ministry Core is the umbrella of our church projects, whether it be collection of food or supplies, service projects or donations. The ministries reflect the commitment of Calvary and our mission is to minister to the hurts and hopes of people in our congregation and community, and the world through visitation and support

of the outreach programs of the congregation.


To learn more about these ministries or to volunteer and serve, please contact:

Glenn Anderson 218-699-3962 or the Calvary office 732-7284.


Caring & Outreach

Mission Statement: Our mission is to minister to the hurts and hopes of people in our congregation, community and the world through visitation and support of the outreach programs of the congregation.
We do this through providing:
  • Attention to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs and provide spiritual care through visitation and specialized ministries.
  • Communication to visitors.
  • Encouragement to members of the community who do not belong to Calvary. Information and activities on humanitarian needs and a means to respond to these needs. Encouragement for faithful attendance and participation and seek out members who have ceased to be active.
  • Strengthening activities among all members of the congregation.
  • Oversight on the outreach ministry of this congregation and support, benevolence and partnership with other missions.
We do this through the support of:
  • Communications: Calvary’s website and social media page(s)
  • Hospitality: Greeters, Visitor Follow-up, New Member Welcome/Sponsorship, Ushers, Welcome Desk Attendants
  • Hospital Visitation
  • Hunger & Justice programs
  • Jail Ministry
  • Keeping In Touch lay communion ministry
  • Lutheran World Relief efforts
  • Mission Partners in Eagle Pass, Texas and India
  • Offer moral support to: Helen’s Kitchen, Helping Hands, Campus Ministry, Food Angels, Animal Shelter, LSS Meals on Wheels, Living At Home, etc.
  • Pastoral Discretion Fund Assistance Team
  • Prayer & Care Team
  • Projects & Events: Back to School Breakfast/School Supplies, Father Project & Toys for Tots, Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes, etc.
  • Stephen Ministry
  • Support Groups: Alzheimer’s Care Givers, Parenting Classes, Grandparents Fellowship
CONTACT: Glenn Anderson or the church office 218-732-7284


  • Calvary’s online presence and publicity of Calvary’s events and news through the website and social media page(s).
Contact: Tina Crabb 218-237-7322 or Pastor Justin Fenger 218-732-7284



Our goal to create a welcoming and warm environment where all are welcome!
  • Encourage the congregation to faithful attendance and participation and seek to restore those who have ceased to remain active. Keep a current list of members on file.
  • Assist in the recruitment and training of Greeters and Ushers. Hosts before and after fellowship & service.
  • Arrange the staffing of the Welcome Desk and follow up on visitors with cards and visits as possible.
  • Organize Narthex materials (Christ in Our Home, The Home Altar, Daily Devotionals & Lutheran Digest).
  • Prepare the distribution of a Pictorial Member Directory every 3 years.
  • Assist in the reception, orientation and integration of new members, as well as provide sponsorship for new members.
  • Maintain community outreach through newspapers, website, radio, social media, etc.
Contact: Tina Crabb 218-237-7322, Sara Forsberg 218-732-7175, Roger Olson 218-252-2877, Larry Bexell 218-699-3876

Hospital Visitation

  • Visit fellow members of Calvary hospitalized over the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) at St. Joseph’s Hospital.
Contact: Dorothy Meyer 218-255-4853, Renee Brauer 206-434-1950

Hunger & Justice

  • Intentionally reach out to those in our community with humanitarian needs such as, but not limited to, poverty, hunger and health concerns, and provide a means to respond to these needs through individual contributions to the Hubbard County Food Shelf, LSS Meals on Wheels, and through the congregation’s Discretionary Fund.
  • Keep the congregation informed as to hunger needs in the world through programs such as “The ELCA Hunger Appeal”, “Bread for the World”, “Lutheran World Relief”, etc.
Contact: Maurice Spangler 218-252-9513, Jim Barr 507-272-3876, Audrey Carlson 218-732-7504, Helen Comnick 218-564-5069

Jail Ministry

  • Bible studies with inmates in the Hubbard County Jail.
Contact: Sara Forsberg 218-732-7175

Keeping In Touch Lay Communion Visitors

  • Visit and administer communion to Calvary’s shut-in community in their homes and in area nursing homes.
Contact: Sara Forsberg 218-732-7175, Ruth Larsen 218-732-9631, Roger Olson 218-252-2877

Mission Partners

  • Iglesia Luterana, San Lucas Eagle Pass, TX (Jerry Thomas 320-492-6676)
  • Companion Synod in India (programmed through NW MN Synod)

Pastoral Discretion Fund Assistance Team

Our Mission is to meet the immediate “emergency needs” of our church family members as well as to those who walk in off the street for assistance. “Opening the doors to establish relationships.”
We do this through:
  • Calvary’s outreach ministry in action.
  • Providing voucher for immediate needs (gasoline, food and clothing).
  • Referrals to other agencies when appropriate.
  • Administered by the Pastor and trained lay assistants.
  • Pastor’s – walk-in’s, scheduled appointments by lay persons on Thursdays (2-4 PM)
  • Funded by non-budgeted contributions from Calvary members.
Contact: Calvary office 218-732-7284

Prayer & Care Team

  • Prayer chain for prayer requests by members.
  • Those who volunteer to pray for others share their email address with the Prayer Chain contact person. Email addresses are kept private as the prayer requests are sent via the Internet. Privacy is protected and may or may not be shared from the pulpit per member’s request.
Contact: Linda Norenberg 218-237-9356

Projects & Events

Outreach opportunities, special projects and events at Calvary and in our community.
  • Heritage Living Center Birthday Party
  • Back to School Breakfast/School Supplies
  • Father Project & Toys for Tots
  • Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes
  • Annual Blood Drive
  • LWR Fair Trade Coffee (office 732-7284)
  • Parish Nurse (Kim Barr 218-652-4424)
  • Greeting Card Ministry (Chris Luckeroth 218-699-3466)
  • Rides to Church (PR Taxi)
Contact: Dorothy Meyer 218-255-4853

Stephen Ministry

Mission: Stephen Ministry congregations equip and empower lay givers-called Stephen Ministers to provide high quality, confidential and Christ-centered care to people who are hurting. Stephen Ministry is the one-to-one lay caring ministry that takes place in a congregation that uses the Stephen Series.
  • Administer the Stephen Ministry program including recruitment and training of Stephen Ministry Leaders, recruitment & training of Stephen Ministers within the congregation, coordinating referrals to Stephen Ministers for visits to the home bound, hospitalized, etc.
  • Conduct monthly meetings of Stephen Ministers as necessary.
  • Keep a current list of the recipients of Stephen Ministries
  • Report to pastor/church office communion visits, special needs, etc.
Contact: Linda Norenberg 218-237-9356 or Kristi Smythe 218-255-0630

Community Opportunities

  • Kinship 218-732-0058
  • Living At Home 218-732-3137
  • Hubbard County Food Shelf (Bob Hansen 218-699-3167)
  • Helen’s Kitchen (Dorothy Meyer 218-255-4853 & Susan Bearden 903-724-5606)
  • LSS Meals on Wheels (Bob Hansen 218-699-3167)
  • United Blood Drive (Kathy Peterson 218-699-3212)
  • Helping Hands (Rhonda Lageson 218-732-9463)
  • Food Angels (Brian Behrens 218-237-0110)
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringers (Lori Longworth 218-573-3692)