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PR 2 PR Puerto Rico Mission Trip

At the Crossroads of Grace & Service- From Your Pastor “Shortly after we returned from our Puerto Rico experience, I began to think about what we bring to the table and concluded that It is not so much the skills that we bring to the table but the values that inform how we are to act around the table. Glen Anderson composed the following reflection below that illustrates the values that informed our Puerto Rico experience.” Blessings, Pastor Justin Fenger
“We are often asked, “What was your experience like in Puerto Rico?” Rather than responding by saying, “It was a great experience!” I’d like to try put more content to our time spend and our ultimate purpose for being there. There are many multi-syllable words to describe our experience. One unspoken reaction was “challenging agenda”, which meant adapting to an unfamiliar culture, discovering the tasks to be addressed, determining the tools and materials needing to be purchased, each of us identifying our abilities and claiming responsibility to exercise them if needed. There was a “Supportiveness” shared as each requested help and or offered expertise and suggestions on how to accomplish a certain task. There was “Cooperation” evidenced between the twelve of us, plus that of Pastor Allisia. This made accomplishing our tasks more expeditiously There were expressions of “Appreciation” often for the help given, the sharing of tools, advise given and work shared. This was a vital part of the devotional theme of “Gratefulness” which was discussed almost every evening. There was evidence of “Endurance” as tasks were being performed in the heat, humidity, and rain of the day. If energy waned breaks were encouraged and appreciated. “Vulnerability” was willing shared whether in facing a task or sharing from our personal life history. Devotional time spent together was an experience of enrichment for our spirit. Expressions of love by word and deed became a natural reaction to our over-all experience. Devotional time together sensitized us to the importance of an “Attitude of Gratitude” for who we are and what we have become, for what wehave to give, and from whom we have received. The concept of “Community” was a quiet reality experienced both in our mission group as well as with the Puerto Rican people that we came to know. “Adaptability” quietly became a reality. “Fulfillment” was very satisfying as tasks were completed and relationships developed. There was an experience of “Refreshing Spirituality” as we worshipped together, as we each received a special blessing by the laying on of hands by congregational members and each of us receiving a “token take home gift”, plus a gift to Calvary Lutheran. It was gratification in reality. Overall there was the stimulation of “Creativity”, “The Blessing of Fellowship”, the knowledge of “Accomplishment” and the “Spirit of Celebration”! There were several Observations: We were impressed with the natural beauty of the island; the lush vegetation and the magnitude of the ocean. There was evidence of poverty, destruction and deterioration, evidence of wealth, restoration and new construction existing next to each other. There was an enviable happiness and joyful expression on smiling faces with glistening white teeth! To us it seemed like there was an unusual contentment in the hearts of those we observed. There was singing and dancing in the street as people waited hours for food distribution. There was dancing in the pews during the music of worship. The pastor is known as “The Dancing Pastor of Puerto Rico”. In spite of NOT having all the physical amenities to which we are accustomed, they were at peace, filled with energy, looked secure, knew how to adjust to their environment, and embodied a silent hope for tomorrow! All of this in the midst of 90-degree heat and humidity, occasional flooding, excessive rain, rust, deterioration, destruction, excessive vegetation growth, the struggle of trying to receive support from the U.S., and the challenge of frequent maintenance of property. The Challenges will continue in Puerto Rico. The need for our sense of mission will continue. We have learned that this is what the church is all about. The Spirit of God lives in all of us here and in Puerto Rico. Everyone is blessed with gifts to be shared, with life to be lived. This all begins right here where we live and move and have our being! If not done here neither will we be able to give elsewhere. All this life is an expression of our “Gratefulness” for all of life’s experience; blessing, challenge, health and pain, failure and success, grief and joy! We are all here – for each other! God is at work in the here and now, in each of us. Thanks be to God.”

November Team Members: Cliff & Joan Tweedale, Paul & Pat Dove, Maurice & Carolyn Spangler, Eric Haugland, Pastor Justin Fenger, Glenn Anderson, Beth Krueger, Terra Jorgenson, Larry Kruse and Mike Peinovich.

There are four mission groups from Calvary traveling to Puerto Rico over the next few months (one in November; two in February; and one in June) to work with on-going efforts to rebuild and recover following Hurricane Maria in 2017. Please watch for updates and reports as we travel to Puerto Rico and work on our mission.
Continued fundraising efforts are underway. All proceeds from these fundraisers will be used for tools and supplies to assist our Mission Partner, San Pedro Lutheran Church (in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico) in their rebuilding efforts. Donate to the cause.

Father Project & Toys For Tots 

Calvary’s loving generosity shines through! All 14 envelopes for gifts for the Father Project and 20 envelopes for Toys For Tots were spoken for on one Sunday!
Thank you for continuing to support our community!
Projects & Events Group of Caring & Outreach

Live JOY Share JOY: JOY and Jail Ministry

Providing jail ministry is a calling and Sara Forsberg has been called! Our special guest shares the multiple ways God is working through her to reach women with the message of Jesus about love, forgiveness and hope.
Missed Sara’s LIVE interview? Listen to the podcast at: 

Jail Ministry

One of Mother Teresa’s favorite texts in the Bible, which she often quoted to support her ministry to the poor is, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” – Matthew 25:40, 45.
We support the women inmates in the Hubbard County Detention Center by giving the book “Jesus Calling – Enjoying Peace in His Presence” by Sarah Young. The 365 Daily Devotional is a wonderful part of our jail ministry and becomes a cherished item. The spiritual message is valued as they deal with incarceration issues.
We order through and the cost per book is approximately $8.44 each. We order a couple of cases (24 copies) and replenish our stock once a year. Our goal is to raise $500. Please consider supporting this local ministry by writing a check or giving cash to Calvary Lutheran Church and memo it to Jail Ministry.
Thank you!
Sara Forsberg and Sheryl Kosel, Tuesday Evening Bible Study Leaders

Mark Your Calendars…


Christmas Wreaths $16.00

Available beginning at Noon on Tuesday, November 26th until sold out.
A 2020 Youth Mission Trip Fundraiser.

New Member Meet & Greet

Join us between services on Sunday, December 15th as we enjoy fellowship and coffee with our new members!


Advent is a season of waiting but what are we waiting for? In preparation for the coming Messiah, we will wonder together – what things can’t wait? What demands our immediate attention? What requires our work and preparation? This Advent, we invite you to join us in imagining, prioritizing, and preparing.
December 1 – ADVENT 1: Hope Can’t Wait December 8 – ADVENT 2: Peace Can’t Wait December 15 – ADVENT 3: Joy Can’t Wait December 22 – ADVENT 4: Love Can’t Wait
Please pick up your ADVENT
Devotional book and/or calendar at the Welcome Desk!

December Acts of Love

 We celebrate the gift of Christ to the world in December. Caring & Outreach Core would like to challenge each of us in the congregation to present a gift to our community this month.
Pick a time during the month to be the hands and feet of Christ and serve others. This can be big or small, done by yourself or with a group. Maybe you want to serve at the community Christmas dinner, bring food to the food pantry, or bring treats to a neighbor. It can be volunteering that you do regularly or step out of your “lane” and try something new!
Love on someone in the month of December and please share with us what you did and include a picture!
Email your story to the church office:
Let’s see how our acts of love pile up!

Owls Breakfast

9:00 AM Tuesday, January 7th

place TBD.

If you plan to attend, please call Dick Longtine at 732-5275.
OWLS-Older Wiser Lutherans

Faith and Literature meets at 9:30 AM Tuesday, December 10th at the Third Street Market.

The book, The Alice Network, a novel by Kate Quinn, will be discussed. All are welcome!
Books are available, please contact Martha. For more information, please call Martha Thompson 218-371-6817.

Suds of Service

Family Ministry would like to invite you to help us out with “SUDS OF SERVICE”. On the 2nd Sunday of the month, we will be collecting a noisy offering as a way to share God’s love and wash away some stress of everyday life. (Laundromat expenses for people in the community.)
Our next noisy offering will be taken on
Sunday, December 8th.
Thank you for helping us continue this mission!
Sponsored by Family Ministry

2nd Annual WELCA Make, Bake, Take Cookie Extravaganza!

2:00-4:00 PM Sunday, December 15th

All supplies will be provided-just bring containers! (There will be 4 kinds of cookies). Suggested donation $20.
Sign up on the sign-up sheet across from the office by Thursday, December 12th!


Friday, December 20th at 8:00 AM in the Calvary Kitchen

This group is not about experience and skill, it’s about FUN! If you’ve never made lefse before, this is a great way to learn. Here is what you can expect:
—We ask that you pick up a pre-measured lefse ingredient packet with the recipe we use (located in the kitchen) and prepare it the night before. This will take just 5 minutes and will cost you a stick of butter. If you forget to do this or want to come to a lefse rolling before you try making the dough, that is perfectly okay.
—Bring the lefse dough in the morning when you come and plan for 1.5 to 2 hours of lefse making and conversation.
—If you are new to lefse, you will learn all the aspects of how to make it.
—If you have any lefse making supplies (griddle, rolling pin, flipper, etc) please bring them with you.
Lefse is wrapped the same day and sold Sunday. We typically make $250-$300 with each sale, but the more lefse we make the more money we make! Sales will go towards ongoing maintenance and improvements to our church and/or community needs. 
Lefse will be sold in the Narthex between services on Sunday, December 22nd. Get yours before it’s gone!
The coffee is on and we eat all the rejects! Isn’t that reason enough?!?
If you have any questions, please call Jennifer Bateman at 218-252-9648.

Pancake, Eggs & Sausage Breakfast

8:30-10:15 AM Sunday, January 5th

Freewill Offering.
A Carl Hammer Fund Kids-for-Camp Fundraiser.