A Tour of Our Intersection of Grace and Service

With Highways 71 and 34 intersecting by our church we are blessed to be at one of the busiest crossroads in Northern Minnesota.

             Friends … September 11th will mark the dedication of our facility to the ‘Glory of God’! There is so much to celebrate!

 As we leave the sanctuary we enter an expanded ‘Narthex’.  When it comes to hospitality, information and support for each other at funerals, weddings and Sunday worship the expansion of this area is priceless.

Traveling west we turn clockwise to be greeted at our ‘New Offices’ with three beautiful carvings by Glenn Anderson who captured the mission of our church.  Come and see them!

  • Certainly the nerve center for Calvary’s mission begins with the Office Manager, Laura Kujawa, and the Office Assistant, Julie Warmbold.


  • On the left is the Congregational Treasurer’s Office that is faithfully tracks all congregational spending. Wayne Pearson who gives exceptional service administers this charge.  (He is also our Custodian)


  • Across the hall is the Office of ‘Lead Pastor’. Currently I have the privilege of serving in that position.


  • The next office is that of ‘Pastor’. Pastor Ron Mohr is doing an outstanding job of visiting our homebound and others.


  • Finally there is the office of ‘Youth Director’, ‘Parish Education Director’ and Dana Kocka is second to none in service to our Lord.


  • With its own entrance is our ‘Community Room’ that often hosts outside groups for meetings. This is where our ‘Discretionary (charity) Fund’, is shared by lay volunteers on Thursdays at 2pm.


  • Across the north side of the building is our Parish Education Wing with two restrooms insuring that no student has to leave the area.  The ‘Commons Area’ is an exciting space that will be used for Sunday School Openings as well as Youth Group Activities.


  • Traveling south we pass classrooms and last on the right is the ‘Youth Room’. Bed’s Plus donated the furniture and it is nicely appointed.


  • Across the main hall on the right are the Men’s and Women’s Restrooms that are up to code!
  • Backtracking we enter the ‘Crown Jewel’ of the project and that is our state of the art Kitchen!


  • Past the kitchen is the newly remodeled ‘Fellowship Hall’ with the original design of window across the south wall. On the east wall just below the window is a sculpture of “God’s Left Hand” that signifies our Creator’s bounty and desire for justice.


  • Looking across is the ‘Cross’ on the west wall, which is expected to have light restored from within it.


  • Between are tables that can seat 150, which can be expanded if, needed. Between the hand of the Father and the cross of the Son is the work of the Holy Spirit creating community and giving support through fellowship.


  • All the tables can be stored out of sight in the closets that line the north side of the Fellowship Hall.


  • Entering the doors on the right the ‘Adult Education Room’ will provide offerings that will challenge and comfort those who wish to study our faith.


  • The doors on the left enter the Narthex at a space that doubles as our waiting area.


  • This will house a fireplace when it is done and it shares hospitality with those who visit.


  • Besides all of this, boilers are replaced, roofs shingled, heating pipes are replaced.


  • Outside volunteers are preparing our property with green grass to say welcome to Calvary.


  • So much more could be said, but I am out of space!


Come to the Crossroads of Grace and Service as we celebrate God’s mission being enhanced beautifully by our new and remodeled church!

Pastor Steve