Advent is the Season to Prepare

As I write this article on November 15, 2016 the weather is beautiful with no hint of winter.

  • As you read this greeting we may have already dug out of many storms.
  • It is hard to be prepared for the wrath of a blizzard with such weather.
  • But we gladly receive such grace!


            Advent is the season to prepare … the way of the Lord!

  • Like preparing for winter there is good reason to have a checklist of things that need attention.
  • Like preparing for Christmas with family and friends, there are so many important details that need doing.


With the onslaught of sales encouraging us to buy … buy … buy … many are overwhelmed and what suffers is our faith and church.

  • Scripture calls us to “Repent”. Prepare the Way of the Lord!
  • Repent and prepare for the Christ child in your heart.
  • Repent and take the time for family worship around the Advent Wreath.
  • Repent and let the Holy Spirit use us to foster faith in the lives of those we love.
  • Repent and take the time to tend to the work of Calvary that needs all hands in order to be effective.
  • Repent and turning to Christ may our talents and gifts be used to further God’s Kingdom.


In our world of endless advertising we can be lulled to sleep.  Like the beautiful November, we can forget to prepare for what is coming … like winter.  We must not forget to prepare for WHO is coming … Christ. 


 Our Lord wants us prepared so let us pause for devotions.

  • Let us set aside moments for prayer.
  • Attending worship, let us take the time to volunteer our lives for our Calvary family of faith.
  • Let us offer our first fruits (our first payment) as an offering to our God.


This Advent let us not be lulled to sleep but placing first the “Reason for the Season” we are ready and the spirit of Christmas will carry us into a New Year!


Merry Christmas,

Pastor Steve