At the Crossroads of Grace and Service

With Highways 71 and 34

intersecting by our church we are blessed to be at one of the busiest crossroads in  Northern Minnesota.


     Our theme “At the Crossroads of Grace and Service”

has been literally carved into the fabric of our congregation.  One of the panels designed and chiseled by Pastor Glenn Anderson features this phrase.


            With our stain glass windows designed by Dr. David Hetland

our sanctuary is literally gallery of God’s    Grace and love.  When you worship there are 20 windows that begin with Creation.  From the ‘Hand’ of God a red ribbon   of grace flows though all the windows praising the work of the Holy Spirit.


      This Sunday (July 24) we will read our Lord’s words when he said, “Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you   will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.”

      Jesus is talking about receiving God’s Holy Spirit.


Let me tell you,

God’s Holy Spirit has blessed Calvary

with gifted people who have dedicated themselves to the work of our Lord.
  • Consider yourself as one such gifted member who is set free to love God, love your neighbor and love yourself.
  • As we celebrate the summer with the joys of our lake country, joys of gardening and farming, come to worship and the Holy Spirit will refresh and inspire you.


At a recent funeral

service a member of the family came from far away.  We stood at the front of the sanctuary looking up at the skylight.  He said, “Wow, you get to work here everyday.”
  • I was humbled. He is right, it is a blessing to be your pastor and serve the Lord with you!
  • The Holy Spirit has gifted every person who reads this article.
  • Together we are an ‘Extraordinary Community of Love’.


God the Holy Spirit will answer your prayers and appear to you when you search and knock.


I tell you, God’s Spirit is with us, in us and works through us.  Come and be inspired!



Pastor Steve