Church Council Minutes

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Stuart Larson called to order the Church Council of Calvary Lutheran Church at 6:00 PM on 8/11/2020.
DEVOTIONS: Sonda Tolle
March DEVOTIONS: Harry Wenner
The following members were present: Pastor Steve Norby, Pastor Justin Fenger, Wayne Pearson, Harry Wenner, Stuart Larson, Dana Kocka, John Cook, David Simmons, Kami Johnson, Jeremy Caudillo, Tom Van Bruggen, Judy Dulski, Bob Berdahl, and Sonda Tolle. Guest: Paul Dove.
a) Secretary Minutes-July Meeting Minutes. M/S/P 1st Bob, 2nd Harry. 
b) Treasure Report for July. M/S/P to approve as presented. 1st Jeremy, 2nd John.
a) Kitchen Usage-Motion to approve kitchen use for Lions, Helen’s Kitchen and Men’s Fellowship which is requesting to make coffee and serve to attendees. 1st Harry, 2nd Jeremy, further discussion. Both Harry and Jeremy re-called their motions. New motion to follow our current plan which states no refreshments will be served. 1st Tom, 2nd John, motion passed.
b) Worship-motion to approve the following worship schedule: 8:30 AM face to face, 9:30 AM Sunday School, and 10:15 AM Online. 1st John, 2nd Bob, motion passed. Joel Vorhes has agreed to be the Head Usher.
c) Survey Results, 139 responses. Discussed responses. The results support offering options for worship.
d) Innovation Core-mission and vision, motion to adopt the mission and vision as stated. 1st Bob, 2nd Jeremy, motion passed.
e) Informational-will be posting a PT Custodian position.
f) Resource Core recommends that we purchase a UV lighting system for the HVAC system from Leading Edge for $1,200.00. Motion to proceed, 1st John, 2nd Jeremy, motion passed.
a) Caring and Outreach–Paul Dove described a potential new outreach service related to vehicles that are donated and then given to those in need. The proposal is pending and will be presented at a future date of the council.
b) Family Ministry-Kami Johnson–no updates. 
c) Finance Ministry-Harry Wenner–as written. 
d) Learning Ministry-Dana Kocka–planning in-person and virtual Sunday School. Rally Sunday is 9/13 or should we have a Fall festival? Held Wet & WILDerness. 
f)Resource Ministry-Wayne Pearson–IT updates are complete. Leaks in the roof repaired. Renters leaving by November 1st. 
g) Worship Ministry-John Cook–as discussed, worship schedule.
h) Youth Ministry-Dana Kocka–planning League nights, will start with outdoor activities.
i) Innovation-Bob Berdahl–exploring Love Inc. and Transformational Leadership has a story to share.
Stuart thanked the staff for all that they are doing during this unusual time with COVID.
Meeting adjourned at 7:23 pm by Stuart this was followed by the Lord’s Prayer.
Minutes submitted by:
Sonda Tolle



Calvary Council Members

Stuart Larson, President 701-430-7466 
Jeremy Caudillo, President Elect 720-437-0489
Thomas Van Bruggen, Past President 612-850-7085
David Simmons, Caring & Outreach 218-255-1522
Glenn Anderson, Caring & Outreach 218-699-3962 Jamie Linkowitz, Family Ministry 612-715-2541
Kami Johnson, Family Ministry 218-237-8812
Harry Wenner, Finance 218-564-5002
Linda Becker, Learning 218-573-2207
Tony Kohrs, Resource 218-732-8293
John Cook, Worship 218-232-5705
Jennifer Michaelson, Youth 218-616-2787  
Sonda Tolle, Secretary 218-252-4318
Wayne Pearson, Treasurer 651-206-3673
Financial Secretary