Church Council Minutes

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Tom Van Bruggen called to order the Church Council of Calvary Lutheran Church at 5:33 PM on 10/8/2019.
DEVOTIONS: Stuart Larson
The following members were present: Pastor Justin Fenger, Tom Van Bruggen, Wayne Pearson, Jamie Linkowitz, Dana Kocka, Harry Wenner, Stuart Larson, Mark Harmon, Kami Johnson, Glenn Anderson, David Simmons, and Sonda Tolle.
Agenda-no additions
Secretary Minutes, M/S/P 1st Mark, 2nd Harry.  Treasure Report, M/S/P to approve as presented. 1st Stuart, 2nd Jamie.
a) 2018 Audit Review. This has been completed. Thank you to the auditors.
b) Parking Lot Update-we have reached our funding goal. Thank you to the congregation for their support. 
a) Caring and Outreach-David Simmons-Heritage Living Birthday Party scheduled for October 16th. There are two winners for the new Calvary logo. They will be acknowledged at a church service. New coffee cups with the logo are available for purchase. Finance Core approved a hunger offering envelope. Hunger & Justice Bread for the World letter writing scheduled for November 24th. The PR to PR meal and silent auction was a success; auction raised $10,571.50, meal raised $2,500.
b) Family Ministry-Kami Johnson-Trunk or Treat scheduled for October 31. Suds for Service is scheduled for October 12. Family Fall Plunge is scheduled for October 17 and 18.
c) Finance Ministry-Harry Wenner-Drafted a letter to be sent to our members regarding our financial position, expecting an operational deficit. This will be mailed to members’ homes within one week. Our annual stewardship drive and time & talent is planned for November. We are also moving to quarterly offering envelopes that will be mailed. Motion to close the youth checking and savings account and move these monies to a designated youth fund. 1st Glenn, 2nd Linda, motion passed. Motion to authorize Dana, Amity, and Wayne as designated co-signers for check writing. 1st Linda, 2nd Stuart. Motion passed.
d) Learning Ministry-Linda Becker-Confirmation scheduled for October 27. Motion to approve the following confirmand’s upon completion of the program: Chelsea Dennis, Maggie Carrier, Isabelle Meyer, Kate Aukes, Jack Christofferson, Evan Edevold, Parker Harmon, Collin Hoyt, Jaxson Lund, and Nick Michaelson. 1st Jamie, 2nd Harry. Motion passed. Background checks have been completed on all confirmation, release time and Sunday school teachers and mentors. The Sunday school children have voted to use the fall offering for the following: $100 to Children’s Hospital and shoe boxes for Samaritans Purse. Motion for our Sunday School youth to present the fall offering plan to the congregation so that they can join the children on this mission. 1st Stuart, 2nd Mark. Motion passed.
e) Resources Ministry-No report.
f) Worship Ministry-Pastor Justin-51 surveys returned on the organ. Would like to reach more members to receive more feedback on the organ, exploring options.  
g) Youth Ministry-Dana Kocka-Nine youth picked 1056 pounds of RDO potatoes.
h) Also discussed adding a new core titled Innovation. Should we add the duties of the ministerial committee to this core? Will bring to Compass for further exploration. Should we have a Growth Core? Need to discuss this further at a future council meeting. 
Tom Van Bruggen adjourned the meeting at 6:29 PM. Motion to adjourn 1st Mark, 2nd Harry. Motion passed. Followed by the Lord’s Prayer.
Minutes submitted by:
Sonda Tolle



Calvary Council Members

Thomas Van Bruggen, President 612-850-7085 
Stuart Larson, President Elect 701-430-7466
Mark Harmon, Past President 317-796-8529
David Simmons, Caring & Outreach 218-255-1522
Glenn Anderson, Caring & Outreach 218-699-3962 Jamie Linkowitz, Family Ministry 612-715-2541
Kami Johnson, Family Ministry 218-237-8812
Harry Wenner, Finance 218-564-5002
Linda Becker, Learning 218-573-2207
Tony Kohrs, Resource 218-732-8293
John Cook, Worship 218-232-5705
Jennifer Michaelson, Youth 218-616-2787  
Sonda Tolle, Secretary 218-252-4318
Wayne Pearson, Treasurer 651-206-3673
Financial Secretary

Annual Reports:

Annual Report 18′

’17 Annual Report