Church Council Minutes

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tom Van Bruggen called to order the Church Council of Calvary Lutheran Church at 5:38 PM on 12/10/2019 at the home of Pastor Steve and Brenda Norby.
DEVOTIONS: Tom Van Bruggen
The following members were present: Pastor Steve Norby, Pastor Justin Fenger, Tom Van Bruggen, Wayne Pearson, Jamie Linkowitz, Dana Kocka, Harry Wenner, Stuart Larson, Dave Simmons, Glenn Anderson, Mark Harmon, Kami Johnson, John Cook, and Sonda Tolle.
Agenda-M/S/P 1st Glenn, 2nd Harry.
Secretary Minutes, M/S/P 1st Harry, 2nd Jamie.  Treasure Report, M/S/P to approve as presented. 1st Stuart, 2nd John.
a) Set date and time of annual meeting. Motion to schedule on January 26, 2020 at 11:30, back up date February 2, 2020 at 11:30. 1st Stuart, 2nd Harry. Motion passed.
b) Sanctuary monitors will be installed on 12/16/19. Motion to add 1000 dollars to the AV account to cover additional expenses. 1st Stuart, 2nd Harry. Motion passed. Family Ministry donated $500 and Bethel Cemetery donated $1000. 
c) Worship Ministry announced that a new senior choir director has been hired, her name is Leandra Craigmile. She will start in January.
a) Caring and Outreach-Glenn Anderson–would like to increase amount budgeted for Meals on Wheels to $3600. The Hard Hat Ministry received a 16 foot enclosed trailer as a donation to use for the storage and transport of tools. New and used tools were also donated. There are 22 volunteers on the list to provide this service. Many letters were written for hunger and justice. Hospital visitation and jail ministry is going well.
b) Family Ministry-Jamie Linkowitz–Advent family film festival was a success. In 2020 will explore with WELCA how to include children in the Cookie Take and Bake. Family Bingo set for 1/26/20. Planning to conduct a blessing of people’s homes during the month of January. 
c) Finance Ministry-Harry Wenner–reviewing the 2020 spending guide. The goal for 2020 is a balanced budget. 2020 pledges are still coming in, the goal is 150. Discussing the use of our commercial kitchen for fundraising meals. 
d) Learning Ministry-Dana Kocka–Operation Christmas Child was a success. The Christmas program is scheduled for 12/14/19 at 10:30.  
e) Resources Ministry-Wayne Pearson–having some leaking issues with the roof, one has been repaired, monitoring another.
f) Worship Ministry-John Cook–Martha Thompson will resign as lead organist on June 1, 2020. Seeking feedback from members on what should we do about the organ? 
g) Youth Ministry-Dana Kocka–the youth are very involved with service projects. The mission trip to Los Angeles is full with 30 and there is a waiting list. 
Tom Van Bruggen adjourned the meeting at 6:38 PM. Motion to adjourn 1st Jamie, 2nd Glenn. Motion passed. Followed by singing of the Christmas carol Away in the Manger and the Lord’s Prayer.
Minutes submitted by:
Sonda Tolle



Calvary Council Members

Thomas Van Bruggen, President 612-850-7085 
Stuart Larson, President Elect 701-430-7466
Mark Harmon, Past President 317-796-8529
David Simmons, Caring & Outreach 218-255-1522
Glenn Anderson, Caring & Outreach 218-699-3962 Jamie Linkowitz, Family Ministry 612-715-2541
Kami Johnson, Family Ministry 218-237-8812
Harry Wenner, Finance 218-564-5002
Linda Becker, Learning 218-573-2207
Tony Kohrs, Resource 218-732-8293
John Cook, Worship 218-232-5705
Jennifer Michaelson, Youth 218-616-2787  
Sonda Tolle, Secretary 218-252-4318
Wayne Pearson, Treasurer 651-206-3673
Financial Secretary

Annual Reports:

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’17 Annual Report