Church Council Minutes

June 2021

Jeremy Caudillo called to order the Church Council of Calvary Lutheran Church at 5:35 PM on 6/8/2021.
ROLL CALL: The following members were present: Pastor Steve Norby, Wayne Pearson, Harry Wenner, Stuart Larson, Dana Kocka, John Cook, Jeremy Caudillo, Al Judson, Mandy Runyan, Brandi McMahon, Bob Berdahl, and Sonda Tolle.
Guests: Tony Platz
DEVOTIONS and PRAYER: Pastor Steve
a) Secretary Minutes-May Meeting Minutes 1st Al, 2nd Harry, motion passed.
b) Treasurer Report for May-Motion to approve as presented. 1st Stuart, 2nd Bob, motion passed.
a) Communion, when to resume, Worship Core will coordinate start date with the Altar Guild.
b) Worship Times-discussed-return to 8:30 am on July 4th. Re-visit worship times this fall, should we continue the same times of 8:30 and 10:30 year-round for consistent purposes?
c)Innovation Core-are we a welcoming church? Discussed. Innovation Core to explore further and bring forward some ideas to consider to be welcoming.
d) Pastor Steve reported that 24 new members are joining in June. Dorothy Meyer has planned and coordinated a welcome meeting for them and their
sponsors. Also reported that the Discretionary Report has been completed.
a) Caring and Outreach-Glenn Anderson-completed 10 hard hat jobs. PR planning resumes, one of the fundraisers is to build a playhouse or shed. Also
planning a dinner and silent auction. Joan Tweedale reported that she has spoken with the minister in PR and planning our first trip for November,
groups will be smaller in size. Scholarship will be available. Moving forward with the Chapel Project at Camp Emmaus.
b) Family Ministry-Brandi McMahon-Suds of Service this weekend. Planning a kickball tournament for families.
c) Finance Ministry-Harry Wenner-insurance premiums have increased. In good financial position.
d) Learning Ministry-Dana Kocka-70 kids participating in VBS at Northern Pines, the youth assisting is doing an amazing job, they are shining as leaders, appreciate all of the volunteers that are helping. It is going great. Exploring a new baptismal process.
e) Resource Ministry-Wayne Pearson-ready to demo the rental house, just waiting for the gas company.
f) Worship Ministry-John Cook-need more ushers, worship leaders, greeters, and people to orient to the sound booth. Working on ProPresenter.
g) Youth Ministry-Dana Kocka-the rummage sale is set for the last Thursday and Friday in June, accepting donations. Youth high adventure coming soon.
h) Innovation-Bob Berdahl-working on small group discussions and planning an event. 
Motion to adjourn at 7:19 pm by Jeremy. Followed by a prayer lead by Dana .
Minutes submitted by: Sonda Tolle

Calvary Council Members

Jeremy Caudillo, President 720-437-0489
Al Judson, President Elect 218-699-3204
Stuart Larson, Past President 701-430-7466
Sonda Tolle, Secretary 218-252-4318
Wayne Pearson, Treasurer 651-206-3673
David Simmons, Caring & Outreach 218-255-1522
Glenn Anderson, Caring & Outreach 218-699-3962
Brandi McMahon, Family Ministry 218-252-7206
Harry Wenner, Finance 218-564-5002
Bob Berdahl, Innovation 218-255-1944
Linda Becker, Learning 218-573-2207
Dennis Aanenson, Resource 218-237-5863
John Cook, Worship 218-232-5705
Mandy Runyan, Youth 218-255-1642  

Annual Report: