Church Council Minutes

March 2021

Jeremy Caudillo called the meeting to order at 5:35 PM.
MEMBERS PRESENT: Brandi McMahon, Dana Kocka, John Cook, Glenn Anderson, Sonda Tolle, David Simmons, Pastor Justin Fenger, Harry Wenner, Dennis Aanenson, Mandy Runyan, Stuart Larson, Al Judson, Jeremy Caudillo, Pastor Steve Norby and Wayne Pearson
Motion by Dennis Aanenson, 2nd Stuart Larson to approve Agenda. Passed
Secretary Minutes – February Meeting Minutes – Motion Al Judson 2nd Dennis Aanenson to approve minutes as written. Passed
Treasures Report for February – Motion to approve Treasurers Report Stuart Larson 2nd Al Judson. Passed
Motion Harry Wenner 2nd Dennis Aanenson to have Stuart Larson and Al Judson represent Calvary Lutheran Church and sign the Refinance Mortgage at Northwoods Bank. Passed
Motion Al Judson 2nd Dennis Aanenson to have Amity set up a Calvary Zoom Account and spend up to $160 in the budget. Passed
Motion Glenn Anderson 2nd Stuart Larson to send Love Inc. $500 from the Budget. Passed
Motion Harry Wenner 2nd Al Judson to spend up to $15,000 for Demolition of old rental property. Passed
Motion Stuart Larson 2nd Dennis Aanenson to pay the negative balance in Designated Fund Account “Rides to Church” ($1,013) out of the General Fund Misc. account. Passed
Motion John Cook 2nd Harry Wenner to accept Swenson Excavating’s bid for Demolition of the rental property. Passed
Motion Dennis Aanenson 2nd Stuart Larson to set a Special Congregational Meeting for March 28th 9:30 am. Agenda will be to approve the spending of up to $15,000 from the Building Fund for the demolition of the Rental Property. Passed
Motion John Cook 2nd Brandi McMahon to allow Face to Face Worship at 8:30am & 10:30am services beginning Easter Sunday. Passed
Innovation Core is requesting additional time at the April Council Meeting.
APRIL DEVOTIONS: Dennis Aanenson
Motion to Adjorn Stuart Larson 2nd Dennis Aanenson 6:40 pm. Passed
Pastor Steve lead the Council members in prayer.
Respectfully Submitted
Wayne Pearson

Calvary Council Members

Jeremy Caudillo, President 720-437-0489
Al Judson, President Elect 218-699-3204
Stuart Larson, Past President 701-430-7466
Sonda Tolle, Secretary 218-252-4318
Wayne Pearson, Treasurer 651-206-3673
David Simmons, Caring & Outreach 218-255-1522
Glenn Anderson, Caring & Outreach 218-699-3962
Brandi McMahon, Family Ministry 218-252-7206
Harry Wenner, Finance 218-564-5002
Bob Berdahl, Innovation 218-255-1944
Linda Becker, Learning 218-573-2207
Dennis Aanenson, Resource 218-237-5863
John Cook, Worship 218-232-5705
Mandy Runyan, Youth 218-255-1642  

Annual Report: