Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!


April is the month that we walk with our Risen Savior for the 40 Days of Easter.

  • A Church ‘Father’ once wrote that if every star in the sky were an act of Jesus in the world, the Resurrection                               from the Dead would be … THE SUN!                       
  • The Victory of our Lord is just that BIG!

Our Triune God is personal. 

  • This means that we are baptized by name into Christ.
  • This means that at Holy Communion the body and bread are for you … personally. In English, you can be plural like ‘You-All’ or singular like ‘You’ as a person.  In Greek the endings of the words are different … plural has a different ending than the singular.
  • At the Lord’s Supper the singular you is used when Jesus said … “This is my body, this is my blood given and shed for YOU.”
  • Our Lord wants you to know this love personally.
  • Our Triune God is personal that’s why we are baptized by Name.


Enjoy this poem that does a great job of explaining the relationship between Jesus and YOU.

The U in JesUs

The U in JesUs

Before U were thought of or time had begun,

God stuck U in the name of His Son.


And each time U pray,U’ll see it’s true,

U can’t spell out JesUs without including U.


U’re a pretty big part of His Wonderful Name

For U, He was born; That’s why He came!


And His great love for U is the reason He died.

It even takes U to spell crucified.



Isn’t it thrilling and splendidly grand

He rose from the dead with U in his plan?


The stone was moved, the gold trUmpet blew

And this word ResUrection is spelled with a U!


When JesUs left earth at His Upward Ascension

He felt there was one thing He just had to mention.


“Go into the world and tell them it’s true

That I love them all-just like I love U.”

Christ is Risen…

Pastor Steve