Important Decisions

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your great attendance and participation at our Dedication services and Rally Sunday!

Last night the Council met and made some important decisions.

  • MSP that Dana Kocka will be reassigned from Learning Core to Family Ministry Core as a part of a staffing plan as yet to be determined.
  • Dana will continue to serve the Youth Core and Learning Core until the staffing plan is adopted and staffed.

What Does This Mean?

  • This means that Calvary staffing will continue as we are until Congregational Council adopts a staffing plan and with the approval of the congregation to staff it.
  • This means that when staffing is complete, the reassignment of Dana Kocka’s position goes into effect.


Note:  The motion was made by the representative of the Family Ministry Core (Jamie Linkowitz) and seconded by the representative of the Learning Core (Jo Judson).  With Dana’s full support the council is united.


A second decision is that the Congregational Council accepts that “Absentee Balloting” is in conflict with the ELCA Model Constitution for congregations which states:


Voting by proxy or by absentee ballot shall not be permitted.


What Does This Mean?

  • Any change to the constitution of Calvary Lutheran Church cannot conflict with the model constitution.


What authority can allow for a change?

  • Only the Churchwide Assembly can change the Model Constitution.
  • This means that the Northwestern Minnesota Synod is not able to grant exceptions.


For this reason, Forums to explore Absentee Balloting at Calvary Lutheran Church will not be called.

I want to thank Synod Minister Paul Erdahl for researching this concern. 

I want to thank First Lutheran in Akeley for letting us know that their language approving absentee balloting was removed.

If you have questions please call me or contact Joel Vorhes @ 218. 252. 7430.


As you can see our Congregational Council is addressing concerns as well as moving forward on a comprehensive staffing plan.



Pastor Stephen Norby