What is the Capital Campaign goal and what will be accomplished when we reach that goal?

     Our current mortgage is approximately $2.1 million. In order to sustain our monthly mortgage payments, Calvary needs to raise a minimum of $437,184 over the next three years (2018-2020). It is our hope to raise much more in order to greatly reduce the loan principal. The Join the Vision Capital Campaign has a minimum goal of $750,000. We estimate that achieving this goal of $750,000 will reduce our mortgage PRINCIPLE $312,816. Achieving this goal will take years off our mortgage! How many years? That will depend upon how much we raise and how quickly we apply it.



     We received many gift to the capital campaign! A special thank you to those who returned their commitment cards and the many volunteers who gave of their time.
177 Pledges  $635,309 Pledged