March Madness

March Madness is a term used for college basketball to describe the NCAA Tournament.  It can also describe the Minnesota Hockey, Basketball and Wrestling Tournaments. March goes in like a Lion and in Northern Minnesota it can also go out like a Lion!

When it comes to the Lamb of God, Holy Week begins March 20  with Palm/Passion Sunday. At the 9 am service our church will feature our Sunday School children in Palm Sunday Procession.

The Passion of our Lord continues with Maundy Thursday Services at noon and at 7pm on March 24.

The children preparing for ‘First Communion’ will receive recognition at the evening service.

Good Friday will also be observed at 7pm, March 25a t Riverside UMC. Then we place our Lord into the tomb and wait.

Festival of Easter Services with the Lord’s Supper will be celebrated Saturday March 26 at 5:30 and twice on Easter Sunday.

  • The First Service will be at 9am and the Second Service will be at 10:30am.

At Calvary, we have the Lamb of God on our stain glass windows above the altar and on the banner by the baptismal font.

  • Christ is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!
  • So no matter what the ‘weather’ in March believers in our climate will experience March going out like a lamb … The Lamb of God!


Sandra Lichter shared with me that the ice harvest on Lake Itasca was

about 20 inches in thickness.  It is hard to believe that what looks to be

so cold and white and stiff will become warm and green and fluid!


Lent means “Springtime” and March is our month to follow the madness

of our Lord’s death to the joy of the Resurrection!  Like the joy of going

to state there is no road that is harder to accomplish with happiness at

the end than the victory of Jesus!


Christ is Risen!  Spring is Coming! Soon 20 inches of ice will give way to

flowing waters! The message is all around us but we need the eyes of

faith to see it!



Pastor Steve