Moving Forward

Today is September 14, 2015 and our vote is scheduled for Sunday September 20th.  I am convinced that the Holy Spirit will guide our congregation in what to do.  I am at perfect peace.

Last Wednesday at confirmation, Keegan Smythe delivered a box given to our church from Dave Konshok.  I was a “Combat Mission Fly Request”

The flag is on my desk with a certificate that says the following:

4th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron


This flag was flown in honor of

Calvary Lutheran Church


This is to certify that on

5 November 2010

This American Flag was flown

on a combat mission

aboard a

United States Air Force F-16C

Viper 26, TAIL 89-2075


Over Afghanistan by

Captain Scott “Hooter” Hensley

It was signed by Captain Hensley and LTCOL WILLIAM “CHAKA” BAILEY, Commander, 4th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron; Bagram AB, Afghanistan United States Air Force.

Dave’s gift was a reminder to me that we are at war against terrorism.  With the 14th anniversary of 911, we are at the 14th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.  It has been so long that it is too easy to forget about Captain Hensley and those who risk their lives everyday to secure our freedom.

As Calvary goes forward in mission in the name of Jesus, this gift is a reminder that freedom isn’t free.  As we move forward at the Crossroads of Grace and Service we are also reminded of a power that is stronger than death … the Resurrection of our Lord.  For me this is peace whatever we decided as a congregation on Sunday September 20th.


Pastor Steve