Spring Ahead

Realizing that winter can return for a short-lived storm, spring is springing today.  April is a month of transitions.

  • The weather is changing and soon new life will emerge.
  • This also means ‘tick’ season and safeguards begin to protect our pets as well as those who suffer from ‘Limes’ disease.
  • In the Church Year, we move from Lent to Holy Week to Easter.
  • This year, Palm Sunday is April 9th; Maundy Thursday is April 13th; Good Friday at Riverside will be the 14th and Resurrection Sunday will be celebrated Saturday April 15th and Sunday April 16th.


I cannot imagine a larger transition from our Lord’s death on a cross to the message of the Angels.

  • A church father once said that is every light in the sky were linked to an event of our Lord’s incarnation … Christmas would be the moon and Easter would be the sun!
  • In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus says “Amen” to the will of his Father to die for the world and in the Garden of the Empty Tomb, God the Father gives his “Amen” to the Son.


This Lent we explored a new attitude we have with the Roman Catholic Church as we approach the 500th
Anniversary of the Reformation.

Beginning with the first Sunday after Easter we will return to studying the ‘Texts’ or the assigned ‘Readings’ for the upcoming weekend worship.

  • The Book of Acts describes the birth of the Christian Church.
  • The Book of Peter reminds us that our living hope in Christ’s resurrection gives peace in the midst of the stresses of life.
  • The Gospel of John retells the story of ‘Doubting Thomas’ on Easter evening. The Gospel of Luke gives the beautiful story of Jesus walking alongside two disciples on the road to Emmaus.

The 40 days the Risen Jesus walked our earth before is Ascension is in stark contrast to the 40 days of Lent.  Come to worship and be filled with God’s Spirit of Life and Victory!



Pastor Steve