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We grow in our relationship with God and each other when we study God’s word together. At Calvary, we offer a variety of opportunities and small groups to learn more about God’s love for us and how we can share that love with others.


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9:30 AM Sundays

(Study weekly worship text readings with Pastor Steve Norby)

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10:00 AM Mondays

(Study weekly Advent text readings with Pastor Steve Norby)

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(Daily Texts – TRIP Prayer Practice with Pastor Justin Fenger)

Advent Worship Series – Those Who Dream

“As we begin a new church year, this Advent will mark the end of an extremely tumultuous calendar year. COVID-19, our current civil rights revolution, the US presidential elections—these events, among many others, are disrupting and reorienting our lives. In the midst of great loss and hardship, new possibilities and realities are being revealed to us. Often, our dreams are wildly disorienting— they don’t always make sense. They throw us off kilter. Sometimes they are deeply disturbing, and sometimes they help us uncover our deep knowing. Similarly, Advent is a season of trusting that God’s deep wisdom will guide us from disorientation (the mini apocalypse) toward wonder, awe, and praise (Mary’s Magnificat). As we journey together this season, I pray that we will not only dream of a better world, but bring it forth through our choices and actions, our rituals and practices.”
By gathering when we can, acknowledging one another online or in-person as we continue to dream together. Join us this Advent season through our Sunday morning ritual (worship) as we dream together.
“In Advent, we step into the mystery and awe of God’s dreams and pray they shape our reality…Join us this Advent as we dream alongside prophets and angels, Mary and the Magi. Join us as we seek and sow God’s Dreams for our world.”
This devotional is for the dreamers in all of us—those who dream of a deeper connection with God and those who dream of a better world. It’s for those who dream of comfort and for those who have given up on their dreams. It’s for those whose dreams have been crushed and for those who show us that dreams take time. And so, as you walk through these prompts and readings day by day, may you dream alongside prophets and angels, Mary and the Magi. Together, may we seek and sow God’s dreams for our world.” – Artfully yours, The Sanctified Art Creative Team

The First Week of Advent


keep awake (hope)


Mark 13:24-37; Isaiah 64:1-9; Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19

The Second Week of Advent


prepare the way (peace)


Mark 1:1-8; Isaiah 40:1-11; Psalm

85:1-2, 8-13

The Third Week of Advent


sow joy (joy)


Luke 1:46-55; Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11;

Psalm 126

The Fourth Week of Advent


are not alone (love)


Luke 1:26-45;

2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16


This night, we are THOSE WHO DREAM


Luke 2:1-20

The First Week after Christmas

THOSE WHO DREAM…will not keep silent

Luke 2:22-40;

Isaiah 61:10-62:3;

Isaiah 9:2-7

The Week of Epiphany


Matthew 2:1-12; Isaiah 60:1-6


Monday Morning Text Study (Join us online on Facebook!)

10:00 AM Mondays

Study weekly Text Readings with Pastor Norby.
All are Welcome!

Christian Life Study Group

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” – Matthew 18:20

Mondays at 4:00 PM, in the Luther Room

We are about growing our knowledge of being Christians. We use the Bible and various sources for discussion and information. We are informal and often there is laughter, amazement and growth as we learn and discover more about our faith life. We do meet weekly, but attendance is “come and go, and return as you are able”. All are welcome!

Thursday Night Bible Study Group  

5:30 PM Thursdays in the Luther Room

Please join us for an exciting new adult bible study!
The study is open to men and women, members and non-members. All are welcome. 
We will be discussing topics such as the reconciliation of science and scripture, Old Testament studies, Martin Luther’s writings and much more. 
Our topic of study:
  • The Life of Abraham
  • Conflicts borne of prosperity as illustrated by the conflict of Abram and Lot
  • Abram’s rescue of Lot
For all inquiries, please contact Zack Johnson or Maurice Spangler.

Live JOY Share JOY radio podcast – Sara Forsberg

Sara is the author of Diamonds in the Garbage. She is a speaker and trainer for Stonecroft Ministries. She does an incredible jail ministry for women. She shares her stories of encounters with angels. She shines bright for the Lord! 
“For 12 years I was “fear-filled” and “Diamonds in the Garbage” was a dream! I met Deb, shared my heart’s desire and with her encouragement and God’s guidance, my book was finished and I was on the road with my story of God’s Love and faithfulness! The grip of fear was greatly diminished!”-Sara Forsberg
Sara lives with passion and a desire to reach others with an important message-tune in to find out what it is!  Follow this link to the podcasts: