Our Mission and Purpose: As a community of women created in the image of God, called to discipleship in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to grow in faith, affirm our gifts, support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and action, and promote healing and wholeness in the church, the society, and the world.
To learn more about these ministries or to volunteer and serve, please contact:
Dorothy Meyer, Rachel Aanenson, Sara Forsberg, Marleen Seach, Jo Ashmore, Mary Packer,
Jan Kehr, Audrey Carlson, Candy Bugge & Kathy Toomey
(WELCA Board Members)



Dorothy Meyer received the Mary Magdalene Award at the 31st Northwest MN Synod’s Gathering on Saturday, September 15, 2018 in Detroit Lakes. We are so proud of her – thank you Dot for all you do and are at Calvary!!!


A Message from Calvary Women in Ministry… October 2019

Pathways & WELCA give thanks! 
DONNA YLINIEMI Celebrates 40 years as Camp Cook!
The Sunday evening smile behind the kitchen counter signals the start of a great week at Camp Emmaus. Hungry kids and tasty camp food meet at mealtime to build energy for the next adventure. For the past 40 years Donna Yliniemi has shared her love of cooking at Camp Emmaus. Campers, staff, parents, and pastors all receive nourishing meals and warm hospitality. Behind the scenes she unselfishly puts in countless hours purchasing supplies, preparing meals, and cleaning up with a smile. WE ARE BLESSED!
Good food and an upbeat mealtime environment are key ingredients for a fulfilling experience at Bible Camp.
In the Gospel story Jesus looked at the hungry multitude and saw it was getting late, he said to his disciples, “Give them something to eat.” Andrew found a boy with five barley loaves and two fish. He willingly shared his bag lunch. Jesus blessed it and fed the crowd with plenty left over. 
This year we have a multitude of 586 campers and 24 on-site staff at Camp Emmaus. We have consumed over $24,000 in food supplies during the summer months. When we break this down, we sped less than $7.00 per person, per day, in raw food costs. That’s making the dollar stretch about as far as a dollar can go!
Today, as women of the church and managers of your own kitchens, I invite you to help us replenish the pantry at Camp Emmaus. As the young lad in the biblical story shared his lunch bag with the Lord, I invite you to share a gift that enables us to provide not only daily bread, but also the Bread of Life.
With Gratitude, Christopher Andreasen, Executive Director of Pathways

Upcoming Events 

Bible Study Circle Groups

JOY 10:30 AM 2nd Wednesday – Mary Packer 732-5627 
PATIENCE 4:00 PM 3rd Thursday – Dot Meyer 255-4853
PEACE 1:00 PM 2nd Tuesday – Rachel Aanenson 252-8062
PRAYER SHAWL 10:00 AM 2nd Saturday – Marilyn Klettenberg 237-2888

Quilter’s Corner – October 2019

Our greatest need now is quilt tops. So again, please consider picking up a pack of pre-cut blocks by the info counter across from the office for assembling a top or consider making one from your own scraps. All tops must be 60”x80” and ½ inch seams. Tops can be left in the basket or in the quilting storage room. Help could also be used in cutting fabric for block packs. Feel welcome to come on quilting days and cut fabric.
Personal Care Kits- This is the time of year we are gearing up for assembling personal care kits to be shipped in early Dec. Consider donating towels, fingernail clippers, bars of soap, and sturdy combs. These too may be left in the quilt closet or quilt block basket. Thank you for helping with both of these mission projects. Both projects are, “Tied in faith, sent in hope, wrapped in love.”
Quilting days are Mondays October 14th and 28th starting at 9:00 AM.
Mission quilting: “Tied in faith, sent in hope, wrapped in love.”
To learn more about Lutheran World Relief Quilts Project:

Calvary Quilters would like to thank Thrivent Financial for the blessing of a $250.00 Thrivent Action Project Grant!

If you are interested in being involved in this mission, feel free to join us anytime!


Prayer Shawl Knitters

We are a Bible Study group that likes to knit prayer shawls for those needing comfort.  We meet at various homes on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  
If you are interested in joining, contact Marilyn Klettenberg 218-732-9043.

Personal Care Kits

A BIG THANK YOU to those who gathered to put together Personal Care Kits!
Lutheran World Relief Personal Care Kit Items:
  • 1- light-weight bath-size towel (between 20″x40″ and 52″x27″), dark color recommended
  • 2 or 3- bath-size bars of soap equaling 8-9 oz., any brand, in original wrapping (no mini or hotel size please)
  • 1- sturdy comb, remove packaging (no picks or fine-toothed combs)
  • 1- metal nail clippers (attached file optional), remove packaging
Collection bucket across from the office.
Thank you for your generous donations!
To learn more about Lutheran World Relief Personal Care Kits Projects:

Newborn Kits  

“Thank you to the 24 ladies and 1 gentleman who gathered to assemble 194 Newborn Kits on June 20th. Thank you to all who contributed items all year, or gave gifts of money. We recognize Mary Packer for starting this ministry so many years ago. And Rachel Aanenson, we are blessed that you carry us along as we collect, sort, count and inspire us! What joy to share the Gospel in this way!”
Lutheran World Relief Newborn Kit Items:
(All items may be new or gently used. *Starred items are especially needed.) 
  • *Bath Towel – 48” to 52” length – smaller towels are preferred
  • *Washcloth
  • *Bath Size Ivory Soap in original packaging
  • Cotton T Shirt – Newborn to 6-month size
  • *Receiving Blanket – approximately 30” x 30” 
  • 2 Cloth Diapers
  • Newborn Stocking cap – newborn’s head has approximately a 14” circumference;
  • 2 diaper pins – not necessary if diapers have self closure system.
Collection bucket across from office.
Thank you for your generous donations!
To learn more about Lutheran World Relief Newborn Kits Project: